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About the Arizona Theatre Company:

The Arizona Theatre Company is Arizona's professional official State theatre. Moving beyond their fiftieth year, the Arizona Theatre Company began in Tucson in 1967, reached professional status in 1972 and began performances in both Tucson and Phoenix in 1978. Since then they have been going strong with both classic award winning works, new works, and all time favorites. With its staff of full-time professionals, ATC attracts an impressive group of actors, directors and artists, many who have also been seen in film, television and on Broadway.

One thing that audiences agree upon is the production quality. From costumes to sets to multi-media elements, the shows always make for an impressive visual impact. The staff of ATC are full-time professionals who are dedicated to bringing the best theatre to both Tucson and Phoenix. Shakespearean classics fill the stage alongside contemporary award winning dramas, comedies and musicals. Each season offers up six pieces that bring a mixture of serious to silly and rhythmic to romantic.

In Tucson the ATC performs at the Temple of Music and Art in downtown Tucson. In Phoenix the home for the Arizona Theatre Company is in the spacious Herberger Theatre Center in downtown Phoenix. And if you visit the ATCs webpage, be sure to check out their blog for fun write ups about the productions, the performers, the characters and a lot more.

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Phoenix Box Office Phone: 

(602) 256-6995

Phoenix Venue Address: 

Herberger Theater Center, 222 E. Monroe St., Phoenix, AZ

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