Detour Company Theatre

Detour Company Theatre

About the Detour Company Theatre:

This unique theatre company serves the community in ways that go above and beyond. Started in 2000 by a mother with a son who had a yearning to do theatre, the Detour Company Theatre is designed for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. It gives them a special opportunity to explore the arts and their own creativity and skill set. Players may be blind, deaf or have other issues such as autism or other cognitive challenges. The program works around the special needs of each participant by assigning a coach to each player. The coach is responsible for tuning into the special needs of each actor and helping them bring out the best that they have to offer.

The Detour Company Theatre has partnered with the Scottsdale Center for the performing arts, who gladly support the mission of bringing an experience of exploring the arts to absolutely everyone. The company produces two shows each year and consists of two companies: the Mainstage company of "experienced" players, and the Up and Coming company which consists of those who are without experience, but wish to participate. There are workshops over the summer for the players so that they can continue to expand their skills and abilities. The objective in all this... fun, growth and a sense of achievement. The shows themselves are free, but donations are gratefully accepted. Join the many foundations, businesses and individuals who have donated to keep this truly special theatre experience alive.

Contact Information:


Box Office Phone: 

(480) 277-2593


P.O. Box 15067, Phoenix, AZ 85060

Performance Venue:

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts